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Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing industries produce  such a variation of waste types. At Wasteology we can offer and Integrated Waste Management solution  for responsible disposal.

At Wellington in Somerset Wasteology has its own Material Recovery Facility. Here every opportunity is taken to maximise processes for  reuse and recycling. ” We Won’t Waste your Waste”

Rest assured we take our legislative responsibility seriously towards Duty of Care. With reduced costs where possible but taking into account our customers own sustainability strategy. It is recognised that the Manufacturing industry has substantial unique waste requirements and we definitely recommend speaking with our professional team. Wasteology provides a free waste audit and is happy to visit your site to evaluation a bespoke solution. Contact use today. 


Everyone has a Duty of Care to the environmental. Wasteology services all business sizes of the  manufacturing sector . If you would like to contact us for assistance with your waste then give us a call to see if we can help. 

Wasteology can Reuse, Recycle or Recover many different waste types. 

Waste produced as a result of various manufacturing operations may include metals, plastics, wood and much more.

Just a reminder that Wasteology can also dispose of the plastic waste that is typical from a farm.

  • Non contaminated containers
  • General packaging
  • Film and wrapping
  • HDPE from construction
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Our Approach

No two businesses are the same. It’s why we tailor our service to adapt to your business needs

We start by familiarize ourselves with your way of working and operations – not from our desks, but from your site. Identifying new ways to save costs and turn your waste into revenue generators.Working coherently with your workforce to drive best practice.

  • Its a hands on integrated approach
  • that enables us to reduce YOUR waste
  • Pinpoint YOUR recycling opportunities
  • and maximise YOUR resource throughout your operations. 

We are happy to perform a free waste audit to recommend the best integrated waste management system bespoke to your organisation, big or small no matter what cost. We are approachable, reliable and affordable. 

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What service are you interestd in?