Get the most out of your skip

Hiring a container to remove waste is very convenient way to dispose of waste. Commercial businesses can make great use out of this method of waste disposal, so if you’re interested in skip hire in Wellington, Taunton or Tiverton , get in touch with the Wasteology team today by calling 01823 672 900.

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Get the most out of your skip – 3 things to remember

When disposing of waste via a skip, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here’s a quick list of 3.

  1. Put larger & lighter items in first
    At first you might be tempted to put heavier objects into your skip first. However, this is actually less optimal with regards to space optimisation. This is because heavy objects will push lighter items of waste closer to the bottom, which results in less space being wasted.
  2. Dismantle or flatten waste before throwing it in
    In order to maximise your use of space in a skip, it’s important that you remember to dismantle or flatten any waste before throwing it away. By breaking the item down into smaller pieces, you’ll find they take up less room in the skip, leaving fewer pockets of empty space.

Dismantling or breaking down items of waste also makes it easier to avoid overloading. Remember; an overloaded skip is a hazard and as such the lorry driver could refuse to remove the skip altogether, which could result in additional charges.

  1. Don’t throw unsuitable waste in a skip
    It is crucial that you understand what you can and cannot put in a skip. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to throw hazardous waste in a general waste service. Please remember that you are legally responsible for the contents of the skip you hire.
    For example, the following cannot be disposed of via a skip: asbestos, WEEE (waste electric and electronic equipment), car tyres, and plasterboard.

Learn more about waste disposal on the Wasteology business services

If you would like to read more information about waste management or skip hire in Kent, you can learn a lot by visiting our blog. For example, you could learn about sustainability in waste management, or you could learn information about how waste segregation could improve your business’ bottom line.

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