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Farming / Agricultural

Farming and Agricultural

Wastes from farms can be classed as unwanted agricultural waste. Wasteology Is a licenced Transfer station that can take some of the unusual waste types. 


Everyone has a Duty of Care to the environmental. Wasteology understands that the local farming community are vital to the region of Somerset and Devon and in fact the whole of the South West England. We  respect the knowledge which the agricultural sector has towards the waste management already, however  if you would like to contact us for assistance with your waste then give us a call to see if we can help. 

For Example . . .

Wasteology has a supply of crushed concrete which is always popular with farms for the sustainability of there access roads.  Contact us for more information

Waste produced as a result of various agricultural operations may include manure and other wastes from farms; poultry houses and slaughterhouses; harvest waste; fertilizer run- off from fields; pesticides that enter into water, air or soils; and salt and silt drained from fields.

Just a reminder that Wasteology can also dispose of the plastic waste that is typical from a farm.

  • Feed bags
  • Non contaminated containers
  • General packaging
  • Silage wrap
  • HDPE from construction
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Crushed Concrete

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