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Facility Management

The FM Industry

Wasteology is Trustworth Waste Management Company

Organisations within the facilities management sector are looking for innovative ways to increase profitability and customer satisfaction. To achieve this, they need to be able to control the costs of  the Waste Management while providing a carbon neutral solution.

For facilities management companies, it is critical that their sub contractors are 100% reliable, Wasteology services every client’s site with total compliance and prides itself on its quality of service. 

FM is a complex sector that involves people, places, processes and technology

ms in a way that would benefit the environment and save the business money.

  • Bottom line cost savings can be invested to improve future environmental performance.
  • Reduce waste disposal costs initially by 10 – 30% and generating the waste to a resource. 
  • Agree a vision for KPI’s of avoiding landfill. 

Operating a team of full time operators, Wasteology provide a wide range of core and hazardous waste solutions tailored to the individual needs of multiple site business. 

Compliance Reassurance

Wasteology has the necessary licences  along with Safety Health and Environmental certificates. You can see our documents online and download for your own Quality  and Environmental Management systems. just click on the link below saying Licenses certificates and policies on the blue section. 

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Our Approach

No two businesses are the same. It’s why we tailor our service to adapt to your business needs

We start by familiarize ourselves with your way of working and operations – not from our desks, but from your site. Identifying new ways to save costs and turn your waste into revenue generators.Working coherently with your workforce to drive best practice.

  • Its a hands on integrated approach
  • that enables us to reduce YOUR waste
  • Pinpoint YOUR recycling opportunities
  • and maximise YOUR resource throughout your operations. 

We are happy to perform a free waste audit to recommend the best integrated waste management system bespoke to your organisation, big or small no matter what cost. We are approachable, reliable and affordable. 

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What service are you interestd in?