Roll On Roll Off / RORO Skips For Hire

Roll on roll off / RORO hire in Somerset and Devon

Roll on roll off skips are a great alternative to smaller skips and help with the management of substantial construction waste. Also known as RORO skips, make clearing big jobs like demolition much simpler, so try a roll on roll off skip to assist your construction site.

We deliver RORO skips as part of our efficient and dependable service, so if you’re looking for ‘roll on roll off skip hire near me’, we offer skip hire services you can trust around Somerset and Devon. Call us today on 01823 672 900 to enquire about RORO skip hire.

We provide 20 yard, 40 yard and 30 yard skips in a wide variety of containers including open, enclosed and compactor. We also offer an open top container with rear door access which means straightforward loading. At Wasteology, we have a RORO skip that will suit any large job.

When do you need a licence/permits?

A roro licence or sometimes called a skip permit may be required if the roro/skip is located on a public highway. Wasteology can apply to the appropriate local authority. All waste materials are treated at our waste transfer station where recycling is optimised when processed through our material recovery facility.

Things to remember

1. Ensure Adequate Access

In addition to making sure that the skip is the correct size for the skip itself, you also need to make sure that there is adequate access for the lorry to drop off and collect your RoRo skip.

2. Ensure The Skip Is Placed In A Safe Location

Please remember that skips cannot be located directly below trees. Additionally, unlike ‘regular skips’ which require a permit to be placed on a public highway, RORO skips cannot be placed on public highways for any reason.

3. Ensure Waste Is Suitable

It is important to remember that you are legally responsible for the contents inside the RORO skip. This means that in addition to ensuring that the waste is suitable and complies with out terms and conditions, it must also not be
overloaded; as an overloaded skip is a hazard. In the event of an overloaded skip, our lorry drivers reserve the right to remove excess waste from the RORO, or refuse to remove the RORO skip (which may incur a wasted journey charge).

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    What size roll on roll off skips are available?

    If you would like to hire a RORO, you can choose from the following sizes.

    Compare the size of a 20 yard skip against a mini car

    20 Yard RORO

    Our 20 yard RORO have a capacity (m3) of 15.3m3, and a capacity (yd3) of 20yd3.

    The 20 yard RORO have a height of 1900mm, a length of 6050mm and a width of 2400mm.

    Estimated Volume

    200 Bags

    Compare the size of a 30 yard skip aganst a mini car

    30 Yard RORO

    Our 30 yard RORO have a capacity (m3) of 23m3, and a capacity (yd3) of 30yd3.

    The 30 yard RORO have a height of 2680mm, a length of 5850mm, and a width of 2380mm.

    Estimated Volume

    230 bags


    Compare the size of a 40 yard skip aginst a mini car

    40 Yard RORO

    Our 40 yard skips have a capacity (m3) of 20.5m3, and a capacity (yd3) of 40yd3.

    The 40 yard RORO have a height of 3000mm, a length of 6050mm, and a width of 2400mm.

    Estimated Volume

    230+ bags

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