10 Things to Get Out of Your Home

10 Things to Get Out of Your Home

Planning to tidy your home? If things are getting a little out of control, it’s time to get rid of the clutter and give yourself the home you deserve. All too many people feel overwhelmed by everything they have around the house and they just want to live in a clean environment again.

Here are the things to get rid of as you move through the house.

1. Unnecessary Paper

Paper takes up a good amount of space, making it the worst offender when it comes to clutter. Get rid of as much as possible. 

2. Old Clothing

Do you have clothing that you haven’t worn in years? Items that no longer fit and probably never will? These should be placed in the bin at once.

3. Broken Toys

Children tend to hang onto their toys, long after they’ve served a useful life. If you notice this happening, it’s best to have them choose several broken items to put in the bin and let them know that decluttering is part of life.

4. Broken Dishes

How many of your dishes have bad chips or cracks in them? It may be time to let go of these and replace them with whole dishes.

5. Appliances That Don’t Work

There’s no reason to hold onto the microwave that broke last year or the washing machine you’ve since replaced. If you have any appliances around that no longer work, don’t try to justify keeping them, simply throw them away.

6. Shoes

You might be surprised at how many shoes you’ve collected over the years. If you’re the type to keep old shoes around, just in case, it’s time to get rid of them. You only need the shoes you usually wear.

7. Containers and Baskets

Go through your many containers and eliminate the majority of these. Pay particular attention to anything that doesn’t have a lid to match. If they’re stained or cracked, into the bin they go.

8. Boxes

If you have a collection of boxes for items you’ve purchased over the years, you probably don’t need them. After all, the toaster you’ve used daily for three years isn’t likely to go back in the box any time soon. Eliminate the boxes and you’ll feel much more peaceful.

9. Decorating Items

Many people collect decorations for their home, possibly for the holidays or simply because something caught their eye. While decorations are fine, too many of them can become overwhelming, so it’s best to get them out of the house before you get too attached.

10. Unused Sports Gear

Those skis you tried once? The skateboard your son used for a year and then moved on? These are things that can be put into the skip and sent away so you never need to consider them again.

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